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Recruiting is 🤬'd up.

As leaders, we know the pain of recruiting: terrible job descriptions, sifting through mountains of profiles, endless phone screens, and interviews that were doomed from the start.

It shouldn't be this hard, and it doesn't have to be.

We're building a better way to hire.

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Get a head start on the competition.

Recruiting great talent is a competitve sport - no matter how compelling your company is, you have to be quick to win. Our modern recruiting platform helps you get to your best candidates faster and with less effort. Some customers see a 90% reduction in time spent sourcing, screening, and interviewing candidates.

Start off on the right foot.

Many hiring mistakes can be traced back to a bad "intake" process. Garbage in, Garbage out. We build a customized profile for each role - we call it a role blueprint - that gets to the core of what you're looking for: the right people with the right skills, experience, and attitude.

Profiles worth reading.

Searching through profiles from Linkedin and reading resumes from applicants is a drag. The fact is that most profiles aren't what you want - but you're stuck reviewing them anyway. We skip the search and deliver you profiles of candidates that you're actually excited to meet, and we do it in a way that reduces unconcious bias and helps you focus on the attributes that matter.

Screens that actually work.

No matter how good we are, you're still going to want more data on candidates before doing a full interview, and they're going to want to know more about you. We can do the outreach and initial screening, or we can hand it off to you or your recruiter - it's up to you. Most leaders tell us traditional recruiting screens are ineffective and a waste of time. We use a structured screening approach that answers the important fit questions up-front - and lets you know what to focus on during the full interview. Our process tells candidates you're serious about hiring and gets them excited to learn more.

Ace the Interview.

Interviews are hard. Most managers are just winging it, and that's bad for you and bad for the candidates. We give you a structured interview process used by hundreds of leaders worldwide to identify and assess talent during interviews. Using our integrated process and the role blueprint, we help you stay focused on what you actually need, so you can make a confident hiring decision.

Work with amazing people.

Your new employees hit the ground running because they're familiar with your organization's values, mission, goals and culture before their first day. Your team gets an awesome new teammate. You look like a recruiting genius.

It's time to take recruiting into the future.

It's not enough anymore to recruit your team the traditional way - posting on job boards, trolling Linkedin, giving free-wheeling interviews or asking superfluous brainteaser questions. The race for the best talent is moving too fast, and the expected candidate experience has changed with it. We offer new ways of getting you great talent - by deeply understanding your needs and then connecting you with candidates you'll be excited to have join your team.